Predicting Disruptive Innovation

"Major advances in cognitive technologies over the last few years will lead to the disruptive adoption of autonomous systems that can think for themselves."

Mary-Anne Williams

Our UTS Pepper Robot introducing     ABC Lateline

Meet our new and exciting 

Pepper Robot RoboCup Team

UTS Unleashed!, is a new Social Robot RoboCup Team the only Australian team that qualified for the 2017 International RoboCup Championships in Japan. I am leading this amazing team comprising UTS staff and students.  The RoboCup opportunity enriches our unique research partnership with Softbank Robotics and strengthens our partnership with CBA.

Professor Steve Wozniak (Woz) with Jesse, Chand, Meg, Sammy and Le.

Professor Steve Wozniak (Woz) with Meg, Sammy and Chand.

CBA-UTS Social Robotics Partnership

I lead the UTS side of the CBA-UTS Social Robotics Partnership. 

IJCAI 2017 Human-Robot Engagement  

I organised the IJCAI Workshop on Human-Robot Engagement. with the Head of Social Robotics at CBA. Social robots are a disruptive technology, poised to have a profound impact on business, society and the global economy. 

The purpose of this workshop was to explore how social robots can gain people's attention when required, and create engaging experiences. It also created exciting and unique opportunities for students in the Magic Lab to interact with our amazing invited speakers: 

Professor Holly Yanco, Founder of the Robotics Lab and Director New England Robotics Validation and Experimentation (NERVE), University of Massachusetts Lowell USA


Dr Amit K Pandey, Head Principal Scientist (Chief Scientist), Scientific Coordinator - Collaborative Projects, SoftBank Robotics, Paris, France

The workshop focused on social robots in the home, workplace and public spaces. Robot encounters in public spaces will be different to those in workplaces where a robot is a long-term partner and expected to help humans be more productive. The key research challenges are autonomy, proactivity and intelligence, sociability.

For more information explore my  event organsation webpage.

RO-MAN 2017 

Intention in Social Robotics

I am leading a special session on Intention in Social Robotics at RO-MAN 2017. Imagine an intelligent robot with social skills that was fun to work with and that could help you achieve tasks efficiently. We are organising an exciting special session at RO-MAN that will focus on Intention in Social Robotics. A self-driving vehicle is a social robot, not only does it need to drive on the road safely but it must communicate with and anticipate the behaviour of nearby cars and people; a delivery robot has to anticipate the behaviour of people to provide a useful service. Understanding human intention is critical to anticipating human behaviour. The critical research question is how can we design social robots to understand human intention and anticipate human motion and desires. The purpose of this special session is to explore how social robots can understand and predict people's intention without requiring humans to explicitly indicate or express what they are trying to do or about to do next.

Invited Speaking Engagements and Presentations in 2017

2017 FST Banking Summit at ICC Sydney  

Social Robotics and Customer Experience

2017 Connect Expo & The Digital Health Show 

Social Robotics for Business

2017 World Science Festival 

Frankenstein Anxiety: Robotics and the Replacement of Ourselves.

2017 Disruptive Innovation WeekInvited Speaker and Advisory Board 

2017 Women in STEM 

Women in Science Society

University of Sydney

2017 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Mentor at the Women's Event         San Francisco, USA

2017 Rise of the AI: How will it affect your Future


Market St, Sydney"

Invited Presentations 

from previous years are available here.



I focus on innovation and the customer experience.  My methods involve design thinking, developing agile and experimental methods, building to learn, learning by doing. 


I explore and experiment with technologies that create new value and that have the potental to disurb exisiting value pools unleashing extraordinary opportunity and consumption benefits.


My research is transdisciplinary involving computer science, cognitive science, robotics, AI, data analytics, knowledge representation, business, law and ethics. j



I come from a long line of entrepreneurs with a strong sense of fun and adventure. The Magic Lab is like a startup designed to deliver value to our stakeholders: students, partners and angel investors. We guide researchers and student founders helping them develop the leadership skills they need to navigate their entrepreneurial  journey.


I work with industry, business, the professions and government to bring radicial innovation and practical methods to business challenges..


I design transformative educational experiences that are exciting, engaging, and fun. Changing mindsets, enabling new strategies through the discovery of new insights and new found confidence.



Leading teams of researchers, building innovative systems for more than 30 years. The first business system I designed, developed and deployed was a fully customised database management system based on a hashing algorithm for rapid retrieval on a IBM PC in 1984.



Envisioning, negotiating, leading and executing challenging complex projects including computing and robot systems, groundbreaking research projects, and innovative large scale training programs.



Creating significant new value for students, the university, research collaborators and partners through purposeful focus and powerful technology insights.


School Resource Book on Drones, Droids and Robots

Presentation Examples

The Robot Revolution presented at the       Australian Academy of Science 2015

WestPac sponsored video inspiring young women to take up careers in Information Technology 2007. More than 19,000 views on YouTube and available as a DVD in every school library in NSW.

Artifical Intelligence Panel at PauseFest, Melbourne

Magic Lab Video Examples

This short movie won the Most Entertaining Autonomous Robotics Video at IJCAI in Beijing 2013.

Samsung sponsored Robot Demo at the Digital Life Exhibition Melbourne 2012. Dance created by Benjamin Johnston.

Robot Soccer Videos